Naked Launch (Relaunched)

by Fists of Leisure

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released February 1, 2014

Rumble & Filth: Gavin Elder & Eddie Manoeuver except:
Vocal: Jo Cosgrove
Cello: Shannon Raum
Trumpet: Jeremy Price
Trombone: Craig Considine
Guitar: Chris Durm

Recorded by Fists of Leisure at Clutterbomb Studio Moniker at Grindon Palace, Fairmount Avenue, and on location
Mixed & Mastered by Dave Nachodsky at Invisible Sound Studios
Remixed & Remastered by Gavin Elder at The Observatory
Artwork by K. Adventure Boggs



all rights reserved


Fists of Leisure Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: An Inside Job
Forty-six hours and five sick junkies in the cell with us
Provident chuds all lined with stuff to keep stashes against the bust
Hunger of insects, bug hungry
Dry faces, hideous places
Sweet dreams, adolescent gold
Repossessed flesh caked with come and roses

Below the discipline, a main vein throbs
Flashing blue pain, the nerve bomb

What does she care
About the atom bomb?
The cancer rent?
The bedbugs?

All drummed out, we manage to stave the sticks away
Over-liberated, the limbs and lungs now bend away

What does she care
If her number’s up
A vicious thirst

Around midnight
The hourglass of junk has run out
Filling the pallid room
A ghost of a dying howl

What does she care
About the dry gulch
About the atom bomb
If her number’s up
Moroccan roll
Track Name: Dirty Wadder
The heat closing in
Cuts like a scythe, kicks like a whore
Disease comes again
Into this house, eats anything it wants

If you got the bug juice, I got the time
Shoot that dirty water in this poor blood of mine

So we drive, and we drag
Bloody sky falls low
Oh, the bitter empty bag
Some things we need, most things...
Angels screaming, devils scraping

If you got juice, I got time
Shoot dirty water in this poor blood

Spinning, spitting
On two wheels and tipping
If I can read the notes descend
I might right the beginning
Ending, pending
The palimpsest is smoldering
It's gone

The meat clams again
Crashing through every word
The heat scrapes the wind
The loudest sound ever heard
Track Name: Brown Recluse
It won’t be hard to see the scars
From the place down where you are
It won’t be long until you’ve gone
Through the place of regal prawns

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Give me something to lose
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Give me nothing to prove
I'm trapped in a railroad mind
The tracks so heavy, they smoked my spine
But oh no, oh no, oh no
Less you have, more you use

Just like a black cat bone
Just like a midnight moan
Like a broken baby deer
Like the worm inside your ear

I could have you anytime
But I think I’ll save you for later
Say you fellate her
Say you fileted her

Why aren’t my parents watching?
Why aren't my hatchlings hatching?
It won’t be long before the bottom fetus
No longer need us

Needlenose spider looked me in the eye
My arms legs and lungs immobilized
She said "I could have you anytime, but I think I'll save you for later”

Death snake throttle choke throat breath blood boil flow sweat stain dust dirt caked legs muscle skin scar tear tear loss hope fades away weak waste space cast drag face meds paste
Track Name: Redeemed
I saw a dark and silent movie
A holy bleeding projection
Old Bull Lee dethroned
Everyone went home

I tried to disconnect the wires
In sensory desperation
My dying howl
My final mouth
Almost drowned you out

Flashing blue pain
The spiders’ remains
Punctuate my veins
Undone and sleeping on the stains

Tendrils of the zone
Try to trade your ghost
The bitter, empty host
Eventual refrain
Duty calls again